Baptiste GONZALES (2 April 2019)
Thesis Director : Denys BRAND and Eric PIVER.

Study of the lipids cellular factors determining the localization of the HIV-1 assembly and budding site.

(Currently looking for a post-doc position)

Florentin PASTOR (10 Décember 2019)
Thesis Director : Christophe HOURIOUX.

Study of protein-protein interactions between the envelope and the capsid which are involved in the viral morphogenesis of hepatitis B virus (HBV).

(Currently post-doc at CRCL INSERM U1052, Lyon, France)

Julie DRENEAU (13 February 2020 )
Thesis Director : Jean Christophe MEUNIER.

Central role of the Apolipoprotein E in different steps of the hepatitis C virus life cycle.

(Currently looking for a post-doc position)