Baptiste GONZALES (2 April 2019)
Thesis Director : Denys BRAND and Eric PIVER.

Study of the lipids cellular factors determining the localization of the HIV-1 assembly and budding site.

Florentin PASTOR (10 Décember 2019)
Thesis Director : Christophe HOURIOUX.

Study of protein-protein interactions between the envelope and the capsid which are involved in the viral morphogenesis of hepatitis B virus (HBV).

(Currently engineer at Pulsalys , Lyon, France)

Julie DRENEAU (13 February 2020 )
Thesis Director : Jean Christophe MEUNIER.

Central role of the Apolipoprotein E in different steps of the hepatitis C virus life cycle.

(Currently hospital engineer, CHU Tours)

Charline HERRSCHER (september 14, 2020)
Thesis Director : Emmanuelle BLANCHARD.

Endocytosis mechanism of Hepatitis B virus (HBV).

(currently assistant-professor, University of La Réunion)

Aurélie DROUIN (october 9, 2020)
Thesis Director : Martine BRAIBANT et Mélanie BOUVIN-PLEY.

HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein escape from IFITM3-mediated restriction.

(currently post-doc, INRAE U1282, Tours, France)

Julien MARLET (december 18, 2020)
Thesis Directors : Catherine GAUDY-GRAFFIN and Denys BRAND.

HBV resistance mechanisms to entecavir with a phenotypic approach.

(currently university hospital assistant)

Elsa GOMEZ-ESCOBAR  (june 22, 2021)
Thesis Directors : Philippe ROINGEARD and Elodie BEAUMONT.

Optimization of a bivalent HBV-HCV vaccine by its association with apolipoprotein E and sequential immunizations with particles bearing HCV envelope proteins of various genotypes.

(post-doc, University of Montréal)

Stéphanie DURAND  (october 21, 2021)
Thesis Director : Hugues de ROCQUIGNY.

Monitoring and localization by electron microscopy of complexes formed between the HIV Gag protein and genomic RNA .

(post-doc, CIRI, University of Lyon, France)

Jade COCHARD (october 27, 2021)
Thesis Director : Philippe CHOUTEAU.

Combining cell differentiation and physiological hypoxia for the in vitro study of hepatitis C virus, and extension to other Flaviviridae.

(consultant, ABF decision, Tours, France)

Virgile RAT (november 2, 2021)
Thesis Director : Hugues de ROCQUIGNY.

Analysis of the HBV capsid in viral morphogenesis: formation, intracellular trafficking and role in Pol and RNA recognition.

(post-doc, University of Munich, Germany)

Yannick TREGUIER (april 21, 2022)
Thesis Director : Philippe ROINGEARD.

Study of interaction of apolipoprotein E with the virus of Hepatitis E and  the Zika virus.

(post-doc, INSERM U1259, Tours, France)


Sébastien Eymieux (april 5, 2023)
Thesis Director : Emmanuelle Blanchard et Christophe Hourioux.

Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus cycle in a cellular model using transmission eletron microscopy.

(AHU, INSERM U1259, Tours, France)