PhD completed in the team from 1994 to 1998

Sophie LE POGAM (22nd June 1998)
Thesis Director: Alain Goudeau
Typing Hepatitis C virus & molecular epidemiology of its transmission.
(Current researcher, ROCHE, New Jersey, USA)

Isabelle TURBICA (19th March 1997)

Thesis Director: Francis Barin
Surface glycoprotein binding site of the of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1(HIV-1) to the CD4 receptor: a study of the humoral response during natural infection and the identification testing amino acids involved in the conformational epitope associated with this site.
(Currently Assistant Professor, Paris XI University)

Catherine TRUONG (25th March 1996)

Thesis Director: Francis Barin
Core-envelope chimeric proteins derived from the HIV type 1 capacity of self-assembly and immunogenicity

Marie-Lise JOURDAN
 (8th December 1994)
Thesis Director: Alain Goudeau
Detecting and typing genital human papillomavirus by in situ hybridization using genomic probes and synthetic oligonucleotides.
(Currently attached practitioner, University Hospital of Tours)

Francis POISSON (15th November 1994)

Thesis Director: Alain Goudeau
The synthesis of delta antigen oligopepetides during the Immune response of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) infection & the characterization of delta antigen binding domains in HDV RNA.
(Currently a manager - AFSSAPS)

Mariel FRANÇOIS (7th February 1994)

Thesis Director: Francis Barin
HCV RNA detection: Clinical & Biological significance.
(Currently a manager - Bristol, Myers & Squibb, France)