PhD completed in the team from 2004 to 2008

            Tanawan SAMLEERAT (22nd September 2008)
Thesis Directors: Francis Barin & P. Leechanachai
(Thesis under joint supervision with the University of Chiang Mai, Thailand).
 Mother-to-child transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1: role of neutralizing antibodies and molecular characteristics of the transmitted variants.
 (Currently Assistant Professor at Chiang Mai University, Thailand)


            Romuald PATIENT (26th June 2008)
 Thesis Directors: Philippe Roingeard & Christophe Hourioux
 Obtaining subviral envelope particles of the hepatitis C virus.
 (Currently Assistant Professor, INSERM U1259, following a post-doc at NIH, USA)


            Marie LAMBELE (27th June 2007)
Thesis Director: Denys Brand
Study of the intracellular traffic of envelope glycoproteines of primary isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type I and its impact on viral assembly
 (Currently post-doc, University of Vermont, USA)


            Alassane DIATTA (28th December 2006)
Thesis Director: Jean-Christophe Pagès
Molecular mechanisms of the mobilisation of virus replicons from Semliki Forest.
 (Currently University Professor and Hospital practitioner, Dakar, Senegal)


            Eric PIVER (4th December 2006)
Thesis Director: Jean-Christophe Pagès
Heterologous mobilization of vectors derived from the virus of Semliki Forest.
  (Currently Assistant Professor and Hospital practitioner, INSERM U 1259)


            Malika AIT-GOUGHOULTE (22th June 2006) 
Thesis Director: Philippe Roingeard
Study of hepatitis C virus-like particles morphogenesis
 (Current researcher, Roche, Bale, Switzerland, following a post-doc at Saint-Louis University, Missouri)


            Laurent DACHEUX (16 May 2005)
 Thesis director: Francis Barin
 Kinetics of exposure of the major neutralizing epitopes on HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins during natural infection
 (Current Assistant at Pasteur Institute)      

            Catherine GAUDY (17 May2004)
 Thesis director: Alain Goudeau
 Analysis of hepatitis C virus
(Currently University Professor and Hospital practitioner, INSERM U 1259)


            Thierry BRU (9 Janvier 2004)
   Thesis director: Jean-Christophe Pagès
Recombinant retroviruses
 (Thesis followed by a post-doc at Dundee University, Scotland)