Research training

The activity of U966 is part of a highly dynamic field for teaching and research in Microbiology and infectiology within the University François-Rabelais of Tours in collaboration with the  INRA Tours-Nouzilly centre.

In consideration of the LMD reform, the educational team of the university in collaboration with INRA (National Research Institute on Agronomy) offers a full Master 1 and 2 training course allowing students to gain specialised skills leading them to a master degree. The Master program is called Cellular and Molecular Infectiology, Vaccinology and Therapeutic Antibodies. This program is one of the three specialities of Evolutional and Integrative Biology, Infectiology (BE2I) of the Health and life sciences master degree.

Beyond the master program, the Infectiology PhD branch is one of the 4 components of the Doctoral School 549 “Health, Biological Sciences & Life Chemistry” which unites all the Health & Biology teams of Tours and Orleans.

The team was also a driving force for the creation of the Regional Cluster “Infectiology” and the Federation of Research in Infectiology (FeRI, FED n°4225) coordinated by Dr Nathalie Winter and Denys Brand.