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Publications 2017

ROINGEARD P, DRENEAU J, MEUNIER JC. Unravelling the multiple roles of apolipoprotein E in the hepatitis C virus lifecycle. Gut 2017, 66:759-761.

PIVER E, BOYER A, GAILLARD J, BULL A, BEAUMONT E, ROINGEARD P, MEUNIER JC. Ultrastructural organization of hepatitis C virus from the bloodstream of infected patients revealed by electron microscopy after specific immunocapture. Gut 2017, 66:1487-149.

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STEFIC K, SALMONA M, CAPITAO M, SPLITTGERBER M, MAAKAROUN-VERMESSE Z, NERE ML, BERNARD L, CHAIX ML, BARIN F, DELAUGERRE C. Unraveling the dynamics of selection of multiresistant variants to integrase inhibitors in an HIV-1 infected child using ultra-deep sequencing. J Antimicrob Chemother 2017,72:850-854.

BRAND D, CAPSEC J, CHAILLON A, CAZEIN F, LE VU S, MOREAU A, PILLONEL J, BRUNET S, THIERRY D, GUILLON-GRAMMATICO L, LOT F, BARIN F. HIV surveillance combining an assay for identification of very recent infections and phylogenetic analyses on dried spots. AIDS 2017,31:407-416.

ROINGEARD P, MELO CR. Lipid droplet hijacking by intracellular pathogens. Cell Microbiol 2017,19:C0174852.