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An adapted environment for secure handling of pathogenic agents …

In France the decree of 13th august 1996 classifies research and industrial laboratories under 4 safety levels (L1 to L4) and defines control measures to be applied when handling biological agents. 

U966 benefits from a Biosafety Level 3 laboratory since
2004, an indispensable tool for research and handling pathogenic viruses in optimal conditions. Cofinanced by the University hospital of Tours, local and regional authorities of the centre region, this tool which completes our existing equipment (in particular two Biosafety L2 laboratories) is open to the members of the research community of Touraine who wish to handle pathogenic organisms.

This L3 laboratory is fully equipped and is regularly maintained allowing it to be available near 365 days a year. Besides culture and propagation of pathogenic agents the L3 laboratory has in its disposal a set of equipment allowing more advanced investigation such as virus purification (using ultracentrifugation),  preservation (-80°C freezer) or infected cell observation (Phase-contrast microscope, with a fluorescence unit and an image acquisition system). 

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Inserm - U966 MAVIVH
10 boulevard Tonnellé - BP 3223
37032 Tours Cedex 1 - France
Phone: 33 (2) 47 36 61 27
Fax: 33 (2) 47 36 61 26


Director: Philippe ROINGEARD


Deputy Director: Francis BARIN


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